Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 5 - Emma M. Green

Dominated by a Billionaire - Part 5

By Emma M. Green

  • Release Date: 2014-04-14
  • Genre: Suspense


 “I back up so I don’t give in. His diabolical fragrance is already giving me heavenly chills. It’s insane what a scent – a musky, woody, masculine scent – can do, as far as concealing the deepest of angers and disillusions.”
Juggling between love, ambition and friendship, Alma Lancaster presses on, encountering hardships, but never giving up. Madly in love but not naive either, the young woman is beginning to figure out her mysterious CEO a little better and shed light on the shadows of his past. The two lovers, more in love and passionate than ever, are about to discover some troubling truths about their entourage. Why has Félix, the billionaire’s ex-best friend, decided to show up again? What unforgivable mistake will Clémentine end up confessing to? Is the disconcerting Dimitri Monkov about to organize a new attack on King Productions? The more time goes by, the more masks fall.

In this fifth opus of the  Dominated by a Billionaire saga, Vadim and Alma tremble from discovery to revelation, testing their strength to love each other.